• Second World War poster collection

Second World War poster collection

10 December, 2018     SHARE:

During the Second World War there was a continuous drive throughout New Zealand to recruit men for military service, and to raise funds for the war effort and the welfare of service personnel.

Tairāwhiti was no exception and various patriotic councils and committees organised events throughout the East Coast. “Patriotic funds are collected without payment to anyone and there are many workers who have assisted us times without number at considerable inconvenience and expense” (quoted from pamphlet ‘1945 Queen Carnival’ 2005.84.3).

Tairāwhiti Museum has a collection of 147 posters from this period advertising occasions such as flower shows, sports days, picnics, balls, dog trials, and shows to boost morale, quotas and funds. One poster reads: “Join the…Tin-Hat Club: Tin-Hat Day Appeal for Sick and Wounded Comforts. Give Freely, Give Gladly. Help Those Who Were Prepared to Give Their All. Forward A Donation To Secretary Gisborne Patriotic Zone Committee, P.O. Box 41”.

The second poster advertises sports events, including horse races, by the Tokomaru Bay Sports Club. The Tolaga Bay Beach Races, an annual horse-racing held at Kaiaua Beach on the East Coast is an event that remains a highlight of the district every summer.

With this interesting collection of posters now catalogued we have the opportunity to use them to improve our understanding of life at home in Tairāwhiti during the Second World War. Museum staff would like to find out who collected this posters and how they found their way to the museum. We are also keen to know more about the events and organisations highlighted by these posters – did you attend a Tin-Hat Day? Do you know anyone who worked in the Gisborne Patriotic Zone Committee?

  • Megan Hansen-Knarhoi, collection technician

This blog is adapted from the 2018 December edition of Tuitui Tuituia!


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