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Aurei cloak pin Whalebone-tooth, flax fibre On loan from Cambridge Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, D1914.44

Aurei cloak pin

Rei-puta, muka harakeke Whalebone-tooth, flax fibre

Whakamahia ai tēnei taonga te aurei hei whakamau i ngā pūeru ō te Māori. Kei roto i tana ingoa tōna whakamahukitanga, he au-tui, he mea hanga ki te rei-puta. Nāwai, kua noho hei ingoa karanga ki ēnei tū hanga taonga ō te Māori.

Aurei were used to fasten traditional cloaks over the shoulder. The word au comes from the Māori term for the thatch needle and rei refers to the whale ivory from which some of them were made. Au-rei has come to be a general term for all ornaments of this type.

On loan from Cambridge Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, D1914.44


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