A Real Therapy


Dates: 28/01/23 - 26/03/23
Opening: 27/01/23 5:30 pm


Graeme Nicoll has sketched, painted, and carved for as long as he can remember. It’s his ‘happy’ place, hence his exhibition’s title.

He smiles when he remembers 5 years of great art learning tuition under Graeme Mudge at GBHS, as he was allowed to do Art while his fellow students had to learn French.

A further 4 years at Auckland University School of Architecture increased his erudition in composition, design, spatial concepts, colour principles and attention to detail. All of which are now evident in his eclectic painting genre.

Good fortune and management had seen him put his talent to use on a near daily basis when he was a practicing
registered architect for over 40 years.

This exhibition concentrates mainly on his artwork since retiring in 2018.While his earlier work understandably concentrated on buildings with
character, his choice of subject has now expanded to become more varied, while his strong palette colour choices and attention to detail remain as previous. This exhibition has acrylic and oil paintings with some pencil portraits, timber carved pieces including a chess set (his design) and a clay sculpture.

He is sure you will enjoy his creations as much as he has enjoyed creating them.