Atarau : Moonlight


Dates: 29/09/18 - 04/11/18
Opening: 28/09/18 5:30 pm

An exhibition for children, by the children of Tairāwhiti, which investigates the native nocturnal birds and insects of the region.The museum’s education team worked with schools throughout Tairāwhiti for this collaborative interschool exhibition. Participating students created their own work and contributed to a class artwork inspired by the works of New Zealand and local artists who examine similar environmental themes.

The workshops investigated a range of themes including:

•The maramataka (the Māori lunar calendar) and how it works with the natural environment.
•The abundance of native forest flora and fauna in the Tairāwhiti region as explored through the legend of Tāne-mahuta.
•The flora, fauna and landscape as depicted by artists and described in Cook’s journals from his 1769 visit.
•Sustainability and forest regeneration, and the Department of Conservation’s New Zealand’s 2050 predator project.

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