Be the Taniwha – Tai and Kaaterina Kerekere


Dates: 04/12/21 - 20/03/22
Opening: 04/12/21 10:00 am

At the beginning of this series, our concepts, research and development focused on issues of Wai, natural resource management, knowledge, power, control, wai and why? But as we continued to blend work and art, with life, with the community,– we saw reoccurring patterns throughout all aspects in our communities and our villages. This new series of mixed media art works delves into the many challenges and issues that simmer beneath the surfaces, that too many of us observe and then say, “someone else will sort it out”.

This exhibition is a tribute to our leaders who challenged the status quo, who paved pathways of empowerment, breaking barriers by bringing issues to the surface. When we refer to leaders, we are talking about those who have walked alongside our communities, encouraging us to challenge, to speak up and express our views. We also give huge respect to our whānau who follow and continue to disrupt, shift and create places for voice and movement.

And for everyone else, maybe its time to stop ‘care-taking’ and start ‘taking care’ of our futures.
Challenge. Disrupt. BE THE TANIWHA.