Beyond the Chair


Dates: 20/06/20 - 02/08/20
Opening: 20/06/20 10:00 am

Our group has a history of strong friendships, a constant sharing of knowledge, exhibiting and workshopping together for many years. Every second year we set ourselves a challenge – this year it is “to use the concept of a chair as a starting point and go beyond to see where it takes you, this can include fabric that has been stitched by hand or machine and finished as a quilted piece”.

Over the years our confidence as a group has grown and with this we have pushed the boundaries of the perceived idea of what a quilt is.

Beyond The Chair is a collection of works taking a common domestic item and transforming it into a work of art.

Featuring textile artists Lina Marsh, Bronwyn Furlan, Irene Smith, Morva Thomson, Poll Williams, Kathy Grimson and Deb Williams.

Category: Craft