Circle the Square


Dates: 04/02/23 - 19/03/23
Opening: 03/02/23 5:30 pm

‘Circle the Square’ [sine, symbols & identity]
A series of paintings created during Ryan Ledger’s recovery process of mental health after burning himself out after completing his media arts degree while also making music videos in the underground RnB and Hip Hop scene in New Zealand, exploring the themes of Identity and his interpretation of what spirituality is while identifying as a gay man.

He achieves this by using symbolism, colour and different mediums to give another dimension to his arts experience with the help of the influences from the sounds of music that he listened to while painting. Ryan’s creative process is very fluid, He switches painting styles, like the way he jumps genres in a playlist.

Ryan has now recovered from his injury, He currently Lives and works in Perth with his partner Eddy, working in the civil construction industry.