Dates: 07/08/21 - 03/10/21
Opening: 06/08/21 5:30 pm

Colonies is a series of works inspired by the diverse ecosystems seen in thriving coral reefs. These underwater structures are built from individual organisms known as coral polyps. Teeming with life and bursting with colour, the reef and its occupants form a symbiotic relationship where one is dependent on the other for survival.

Working with a collection of craft-ists, Colonies is a visual delight, showcasing a plethora of crafting skills, skills that have been shared over decades from one maker to another. Individual ‘Crafted Polyps’ will be grouped together to form a crafted coral reef – an expression of community, the sharing of knowledge and a love of handmade objects.

Included in the show are works exploring crochet, knitting, sewing, quilting, traditional Maori weaving, contemporary weaving and wood carving. New technologies such as robotics, sound and light activation also feature in some of the works, encouraging viewer participation and interaction. An exhibition for all ages, Colonies is a show not to be missed.

Artists: Lina Marsh, Tamsin Wilson, Megan Hansen-Knarhoi, Kathleen Marsh, Cleo Thorpe-Ngata, Wendy Baxter, Morva Thomson, Irene Smith, Beka Melville, Melody Craw, Lee Foley, Lynn Nunn, Rachelle Toimata.