Zoe seeks to make visible the extraordinary moments in the everyday landscape. Her work challenges us to view our surroundings with new eyes. Just as every tree has its time each year to stand out in its environment, there are times of every year when the angles of the sun, or the time of day gifts a familiar landscape with unexpectedly beautiful aspects. It has been a passion of Zoe’s since childhood to capture such moments of fleeting beauty in the ordinary.

This act of bringing to light new perspectives parallels Zoe’s work as a counsellor. Part of her practice is about inquiring into the moments of people’s lives when they step outside taken-for-granted ways of thinking about problems. She works with people to recognise and capture these moments.

This exhibition brings together Zoe’s paintings of the local landscape from the last two years. Her award-winning paintings are held in local, national and overseas collections.

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Category: Fine Art