Geologica – Margaret Hansen


Dates: 08/05/21 - 25/07/21
Opening: 07/05/21 5:30 pm

A lifetime of rocky obsession…. holding, admiring, collecting, photographing… has led here.

Working in acrylics, Margaret has followed each rocky impulse and whim, exploring form, pattern and texture. She’s portrayed the majestic, heroic and violent, and the humble, serene and mysterious. She’s travelled the country and stayed close to home.
Each image’s story or meaning carries personal significance, causing her need to portray it. Many of these places and depictions have become part of her story.

Here we see cliffs, maunga, monoliths, volcanic images, the seemingly abstract, and portraits of individual rocks.

Within the collection there are families of work. ‘I’ve been mystified in Moeraki. 40 million years ago a crumb of pebble or fossil sat here. Now look! I’ve been tantalised in Taranaki. Ruaumoko threw this giant rock how far? From that maunga to this shore? And I’ve studied the crumbly Makorori cliffs near my home. Then called the Fire Brigade for Adventure Number Three.’

So here is GEOLOGICA, an exploration and celebration of that very thing on which we live and depend.