Hei Ora


Dates: 06/04/19 - 19/05/19
Opening: 05/04/19 5:30 am

An exhibition of recent works by Henare Brooking.

Hei Ora is a unique, diverse and vibrant exhibition of works that showcase the living, evolving and continual development of both traditional and contemporary Māori Arts.

Hei Ora is also a reflection of the underlined reality of living life as an artist; being passionate about your cultural heritage and values, and at the same time ensuring the ability to maintain a living via ones creative output is attained.

My kaupapa (theme) is based around a visual statement about our Māori Arts: that Māori Arts endure and strongly flourish despite colonization and the tests of time, and that Māori can successfully maintain their cultural identity and values whilst working as a full time artist.