Jan Linklater

My Language of Pattern and Colour


Dates: 23/02/18 - 08/04/18
Opening: 16/02/18 5:30 pm

Even as a small child, patterns fascinated me and lodged in my memory. The theory of colour came later when I started to paint seriously but it is only since I emigrated to NZ that the striking landscape and light and a change to acrylic have vigorously combined pattern and colour.

Landscape was my starting point but as a development of my life drawing I have come intrigued by the designs created by body postures, the negative and positive patterns they make on the background, as well as the expressive nature of the pose.

Having painted mainly in watercolours in the UK, sometimes that technique breaks through in the acrylics as a looser freer style.

Initially trained as a zoologist and having farmed in the Welsh hills, another theme I am addressing is modern man’s lack of awareness of other animals and their signals. Adding an underlying message and narrative to my paintings is an area I am starting to develop.

-Jan Linklater