Pieces of You – From the Museum Fine Arts Collection


Dates: 26/09/20 - 22/11/20
Opening: 26/09/20 10:00 am

Pieces of You is the title of a small mixed media work on canvas by artist Barbara Emery and is the hero image that highlights this suite of works perfectly. A jewellery box with many compartments loaded with life effusing light, colourful secrets, dark desires, passionate thoughts and honourable intentions

The majority of these works are drawn from a cache of artists who have or have had a connection with the local art community at some point in their art careers. This exclusive collective of art purveyors is measured across a course-way of emerging starlets to inspirational and nurturing mentors. Each group is invariably socially committed, whilst working from within their own art bubbles, to the perpetuation of an unending cycle of artistic proclivities.

Pieces of You may make references to the physicality of a portrait, the outer layers and textural toning. It could equally refer to the patina or residue of thought an important equation in the physical make up of an artwork.

Category: Fine Art
Tags: fine art