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Floor talk 2 July 2018

Pou Whare – A Pillar of Strength


Dates: 01/07/18 - 23/09/18
Opening: 01/07/18 10:30 am
Floor talk: 02/07/18 10:30 am

Leading up to the 150th commemoration of the return of Te Kooti Rikirangi Te Turuki and his followers (Ngā Whakarau) landing at Whareongaonga, this exhibition is a visual artists tribute to the koroua offering a platform for the artists to voice their stories celebrating their connections to Te Kooti Rikirangi Te Turuki through their whakapapa, the stories of their tīpuna that served with him throughout his campaign, or stories of their tīpuna who were followers of the Ringatū faith.

The contribution of twelve artists makes reference to 12th of the month and the Sabbath (Saturday), there are four important days, or rā, on the
Ringatū calendar, which are known as ngā pou o te tau (the pillars of the year). They are 1 January, 1 June, 1 July, and 1 November. 1 July marks the beginning of the seventh month, the ‘sabbath of the sabbath’; and celebrates the cycle of renewal, or coming from death at the beginning of spring.

Dr Haare Williams; Simon Lardelli; Steve Gibbs; Tiopira Rauna; Tai Kerekere; Nick Tupara; John Moetara; Matthew Thornton; Tawera Tahuri; Henare Tahuri; Erena Koopu; Kaaterina Kerekere