Sea of Positivity – Leah McCann


Dates: 07/05/22 - 03/07/22
Opening: 07/05/22 10:00 am

Sea of Positivity, is a collection of intuitive, abstract paintings and 3D wall sculptures inspired by ocean seascapes. “The intent is to evoke feelings of happiness, optimism and energy. Art for me is like a jump start that creates a spark of energy. It recharges your batteries and reminds us to marvel in the everyday. Each object was once a thought, just like a seed becomes a tree.”

This artistic process is a spontaneous one for Gisborne-based artist Leah McCann, something she describes as meditative: “All sense of time and space is lost. It’s a place of pure joy.”

Her painting style is characteristically colourful and large-scale, the most visible example being her mural Flower Mountain on Bright Street. Using acrylic and metallic paints along with wood, resin and glue, Leah builds layers of colour before scratching back to reveal intricate patterns and textures.