Shine On – Bronwyn Furlan and Kathy Grimson


Dates: 05/03/22 - 01/05/22
Opening: 05/03/22 10:00 am

We have enjoyed many years of quilt making and both of us have a traditional quilting and needlework background that has taught us the fundamental skills and rules that are required to create beautiful bed quilts.

This solid foundation of knowledge is now allowing us to bend the rules, experiment and push the boundaries. Using prompts like – ‘make it tiny, combine it, make it part of a set, fold it, give it texture……Make it Shine’.

As our work progressed for this exhibition, we started to develop a broader and deeper understanding of our challenge, Shine On, perhaps as a result of a second lock down and its personal implications, our pieces started to incorporate the impact of nature on the human spirit and personal growth in trying times.

Quilting is often time spent alone in one’s sewing room so having a shared project and objective is a wonderful chance to collaborate and bond.
Shine On is ultimately a collection of pieces created by two friends celebrating our love of fabric, thread and creativity.

Category: Craft