The Creative Gene – Heather Van Wyk and Raymond Crafts


Dates: 27/11/21 - 23/01/22
Opening: 26/11/21 5:30 pm

“My interest in calligraphy started at the age of 8 when my Scottish grandfather taught me copper plate writing. My interest in Celtic Art, and later on the illuminated manuscripts of 13th to 15th century Europe, intrigued me and I have continued to study and reproduce them. The calligraphic styles of calligraphers of England and Europe in the seventeen hundreds widened my scope of the creative side of my character. This opened up a range of my own.”
Raymond Crafts

“Forty eight years ago I attended a pottery evening class at Te Karaka High School and ever since I have loved working with clay. I didn’t have a kiln so I joined the Gisborne Pottery Group and I am still a member.

My Studio is my own little world. It’s a place where nothing else matters and I can lose myself and just be in the creative zone. Although I also paint I find it is the tactile quality of clay that gives me the most enjoyment.”
Heather Van Wyk