The Deal


Dates: 22/04/23 - 18/06/23
Opening: 21/04/23 6:30 pm

Using upcycling methodology and sewing only by hand, David Roil established a subculture in 2004 becoming involved with the London Pacific Fashion Week. Over the years his men’s and women’s range have been shown at the Melbourne Fashion Festival in the Melbourne Museum for the Global Indigenous Runway.

Growing up in Wellington in the 70s he was one of a family of six children. A homicide investigation into the death of his parent during the summer of 1972 made a significant and impactful influence on his life, work, and career. In 2005 the case was featured as a ‘cold case’, on the TV series ‘Sensing Murder. Roil sees his work as a ‘Vehicle’ to promote his Anti-Fashion – his fashion line speaks to the aftereffects and his survival of this historic event.

His works will be complimented by local photographer Tink Lockett, who has produced 14 fine art images for the exhibition, printed on silk, show casing her dynamic and expressive sense of fashion shoots and styling. An evening’s fashion exposé will be presented featuring a selection Dave Roil’s dramatic and exclusive haute couture garments.

Category: Decorative Art