Wearable Art – Susan Holmes


Dates: 26/08/23 - 05/11/23
Opening: 25/08/23 5:30 pm

These are sculptural one-off showpiece garments that tell the story of my life in Textile Art over half a century.

At the age of 30 I had the great good luck to discover how to print designs on fabric. My friend and I were trying out potato prints with heat set dye and I got so excited that I immediately made a printed scarf. Within six weeks I had given up my job as a science teacher and was making and selling scarves and garments for a living. Over the years I must have made thousands of hand dyed, hand printed garments and sold almost all of them.

Now, 50 years later, just about the only garments that I still own are those that I made for that wonderful show NZ World of Wearable Art. And here they are!