Weathered Beauty – Sarah Gordon


Dates: 25/09/21 - 28/11/21
Opening: 24/09/21 5:30 pm

Is it the old photos that retain our thoughts, or the hills themselves?

Weathered Beauty is an expression of rural thoughts and memories of two Manutūkē farms, and their family. Growing up in Manutūkē has left enduring images with Sarah and her painting. This series of works is the culmination of watching and recording ageing weathered beauty with abstract impressions and sketches through paint and graphite.

“Through many layers of paint, I seem to get back to my old days with long dry grass, sheds, hills, trees, a farming family and of course, those long, hot summer days.”

The Weathered Beauty exhibition looks at the rural ageing process with the spirit of people and landscapes painted into the shadows and light of her monochromes, bright abstracts, and sepia tones. Always influenced by the beautiful East Coast, this series ventures a step back into rural Aotearoa New Zealand which feels the sea breezes and the beauty of the natural weathering process.