Worlds of Wonder – Julia Rae


Dates: 18/09/21 - 21/11/21
Opening: 18/09/21 10:00 am

The artist’s self portrait morphs into a character of dreams creating
imagined worlds and illustrating ideas through composite layers of
photographic images. Each story teeters between the real and the

This body of work began during lockdown 2020 expressing the artist’s
feelings and ideas using whatever props and images could be
photographed from around the home and using the model available,
herself. Conceptual photo artistry is about creating what the artist sees
and envisions using the camera as a tool to create a work of art.

Each image is imagined, sometimes from a feeling, a phrase, or inspired
by a particular prop. After sketching the idea, time is spent scouring op
shops for dresses and props, finding locations and textures. All
elements are gradually captured in camera. In photoshop the magic
begins as each individual element is brought together and blended into
a new reality, a world of wonder.