Ko Ahau – This is Me – Walter Dewes


Dates: 20/07/19 - 15/09/19
Opening: 19/07/19 5:30 pm

I love painting and creating. I can’t imagine not producing artwork, for myself, for friends and for family.

I’ve painted for over 30 years now, and I am still learning new things. It will never get old for me, there’s always something to create, a new design or a weird idea – inspiration comes from anywhere and at any time.

I do a rough sketch (sometimes), or I just get stuck into it and throw paint on to canvas, or wood, or whatever. I keep going till it’s done, if I’m not satisfied with the finished composition, I will just paint over it and start again. I know I can do better, and I will.

I love to paint abstract faces/masks, which represent feelings/tīpuna/whānau, and hidden in these are different symbols like birds, kōwhaiwhai, feathers, leaves – all sorts of elements – which all have meaning.

-Ko Walter taku ingoa.