Ko Rongowhakaata


Dates: 17/12/16 - 02/04/17
Opening: 17/12/16 6:00 am

Mauri Tangata
Mauri Kōrero
Mauri Whenua
Te kotahi ā Tūrāhiri, ripo ana te moana.

Descendants of Tūrāhiri, ancestress of the Rongowhakaata people, are progenitors of unique talents, innovation and craftsmanship; a quality that has rippled and propagated throughout the land and throughout Rongowhakaata history. These qualities continue to exist in the Rongowhakaata uri (descendants) today and will be reflected in this exhibition.

This exhibition is the second part of a three-part exhibition series for Rongowhakaata. Part one was the successful Rongowhakaata marae based exhibition earlier this year and part three will be the iwi exhibition at Te Papa Tongarewa in 2017. This exhibition is about Rongowhakaata reaffirming who they are as a people, and re-telling their stories in their homelands so that the next generation can hear, see, and feel Rongowhakaata history and the unique experiences that build the fabric of the Rongowhakaata people. It is an immersion into facets of the world of Rongowhakaata people, both old and new, as expressed through their historical and contemporary arts.