The Deep End – Richard Rogers


Dates: 17/02/24 - 21/04/24
Opening: 16/02/24 5:30 pm

Now a retired art teacher, I have been involved with numerous groups and exhibitions over the years, most notably as a foundation member of The Flying Moas cooperative.

A contemporary of John Walsh and the late Daryl File, I frequently exhibited with them, alongside fellow artist Kent Baddeley, most significantly in A Flowering Out East; Fruits of a Splendid Isolation in 2019.

The Sculptured Wall in 2020 has been my most significant sculpture show to date though I have partaken in numerous group and solo shows over the years, most recently at Verve Café with the Makorori Artists group.

The plastic quality of paint has been the driver to my work and it’s only now that I feel I am starting to get close to achieving a balance of all the factors that go towards making a harmonious painting.