Breathe – Maiko Lewis-Whaanga


Dates: 07/10/23 - 03/12/23
Opening: 06/10/23 5:30 pm

Inhale slowly.
Exhale slowly.

Seven years ago Maiko realised the power of breath during the birth of her son. Now, at Te Wharau School, Maiko teaches tamariki about this power we all have, yet often take for granted teaching mindfulness and breathing practices.

The last few years have been challenging for us all. This has been the catalyst for Maiko to create a space that reconnects herself and the viewer back to this basic, biological function – the breath and its power to create a sense of calm in a busy and uncertain world.
Connecting to her heritage, Maiko draws upon a Japanese aesthetic, Shibumi, a concept based around simplicity, refinement, harmony, and balance. Wabi Sabi is another aesthetic that Maiko is learning to embrace; beauty found in imperfection and impermanence.

Last year Maiko introduced her concept to Sheryl Edwards who has also spent time in Japan. There she was inspired by the seamless relation between tradition and technology. Sheryl has helped support and conceptualise ideas for this exhibition. She is also creating her own piece to be displayed.