The Millard Studio


Dates: 11/11/23 - 28/01/24
Opening: 10/11/23 5:30 pm

Edward Arthur Millard established and operated a photographic studio in Gisborne from 1915 until his untimely death in 1933. Evidence of his fine camera skills are found amongst a few surviving prints in the museum’s collection.

Glass plates, negatives, hand-coloured prints, long thought destroyed, were found and donated to the museum. Working through this material, a story unfolded of the life and trials of the talented Millard family.

It became evident that many wonderful images were made after the death of Edward, his wife Nellie, five daughters and one son, all took up the studio work under the name of the Millard Studio.

The Millard Studio exhibition displays many fine portraits taken in the early 1900s, costumes of the time, significant locals and groups are reprinted in large format to show their glamour and detail.