Out of the Illusion, Into the Unified Field


Dates: 17/12/22 - 17/02/23
Opening: 16/12/22 5:30 pm

A new body of work and a retrospective by Tish Scott

Wairoa-based artist Tish Scott is not a strict adherent to Surrealism’s manifesto, but the other-worldly style she paints in plumbs an idiosyncratic cosmogony via a multi-dimensional world-view unrecognisable to most.

“I sit outside the narrative of what we are in the outer regions of what we are as a species,” says Scott. “I’ve been outside for a long time.”

Monocular tentacles, and a querulous Tea Pot Head proliferate as recurrent motifs in her upcoming exhibition, Out of the Illusion, Into the Unified Field.
The motifs are the denizens of a liminal New Zealand landscape at the boundary of consciousness.

“My exhibition has hundreds, if not thousands, of eyes in it,” says Scott.
“The eyes represent the cosmos. I believe we are in a fish bowl, and the surrounding plasma unified field is all-knowing, all-seeing. We are parts of the whole, experiencing life subjectively, and the screen is our eyes that feed back into the unified field.

“The eyes are the decoder. They also represent benevolent star beings who are unseen in this dimension but see all.”