Pick and Mix – Allsorts


Dates: 09/07/22 - 04/09/22
Opening: 08/07/22 5:30 pm

This is our debut ‘Allsorts’ group exhibition which will showcase us as a group as well as individual artists.

The ‘Allsorts’ members consist of Amber Graham, Kiri-Ana Tough, Maiko Lewis-Whaanga and Sue-Ann Blandford. ‘Allsorts’ is a collective of diverse individuals brought together by a shared passion for art.

We all met on a local art course and had a great deal of fun creating together. After completing our art studies, we became isolated again. We soon realised that it was the encouragement, conversations and safe space we had provided each other on our course that had motivated us to create. Thus ‘Allsorts’ was formed to make our own space to come together to support, share, inspire and create again.

Our styles and inspirations are as different as our cultural backgrounds. You can take your pick of the mix available on show. For this exhibition we are drawing from our varied cultures, skills, talents and visions we aim to take you on a creative journey. It will be a tasty little treat for your eyes.