Salt – Phil Yeo


Dates: 18/06/22 - 21/08/22
Opening: 17/06/22 5:30 pm

SALT is an exploration of our community here in Te Tairāwhiti. The portrait series considers our collective and individual identities and was produced during 2020, as the global pandemic changed our world. The unusual diptych presentation seeks to counter the predilection of humanity for prejudice, stereotype and preconception. By elevating our ‘essential’ people through a style, historically reserved for those with power, the work also promotes a wider discourse on society. The participants were cognisant of this exploration and created their portrait in conjunction with the artist. This deep ontological consideration of the photographic medium, explores the contemporary debate of its association with the capitalist paradigm and the associated colonial mindset.

The work has received critical acclaim, both in Aotearoa and abroad. Originally created as part of a Masters degree at Toihoukura, Phil now seeks to develop the academic consideration through PhD study.