Wairere – Waterfalls


Dates: 29/09/18 - 25/11/18
Opening: 28/09/18 5:30 pm

An exhibition of photography and multimedia art featuring a range of New Zealand waterfalls highlights the majestic beauty and powerful attraction that waterfalls have on people.

My vision is to recreate an immersive space that invokes the feeling of invigoration experienced by people after coming upon a waterfall after a long bush walk, a sensation I experienced as an avid tramper. The notion of why people are drawn to these natural features is explored throughout the exhibition.

In the natural world, negative ions are found in abundance near waterfalls, the positive effects of ‘negative ions’ on a person increased sense of wellbeing has been scientifically proven.

The title Wairere comes from the Māori name given to a stream of water or waterfall. The work seeks to recognise the interconnectedness of waterfalls to the land, sea and sky and all living things.
-Norm Heke