Whai au


Dates: 19/11/22 - 22/01/23
Opening: 18/11/22 5:30 pm

An exhibition of new works by students and staff from Toihoukura School of Māori Visual Art and Design.

Toihoukura is thrilled to return to Tairāwhiti Museum to present a new collaboration of works showcasing the creative excellence of emerging Māori artists.

This year, Toihoukura has focused attention and invested its energy into sharing and practicing the importance of cultivating and nurturing maiora – the holistic well being of a person. The analogy of a whare and its structural components have been employed to best explain the importance of maiora for Māori in their creative practice.

Whai au acknowledges and celebrates the creative brilliance of our students by sharing some of the thoughts and narratives that have been brought to life through visual language. As a collective we have worked together to construct a figurative whare that houses new knowledge we have attained, experiences we have shared, and relationships we have made this year. The purpose of this collection of work is to offer hope and healing to the viewer.

Tau a runga, tau a raro, tau mai te mauri
Haumi e! Hui e! Taiki e!